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Entries enabled

At OrienteeringOnline you can now enter Bubo cup 2024! Welcome to some high quality orienteering in Mediterranean. And don’t forget – No stress on Cres :)!

Website updated

In 2024 we will again organize Bubo cup in the form of competition. This time we’re going back to Cres island, Croatia, to the amazing Tramuntana forest. Check out the website for more!

Latest info

So, Bubo training camp is just about to start :).

Here some information. Parking routes and coordinates you can see below:

T6: somewhere in Celje

In your envelope you will get the maps and printed overview maps with marked suggested route to the training locations. Most of the parking is easy and straightforward, but for T5 and T9 on Tolsti vrh and T8 there is not much space, and cars should be parked along the relatively narrow forest road. Please take care not to block the road and to leave space for another car where it is possible.

Some remarks about trainings:

T5: The central part of the area has gotten overgrown quite a bit since the last update. That in combination with steepness makes this terrain very physical and perhaps this session is the least enjoyable of all 10 at this year’s Bubo camp. Therefore to all of you who ordered T5 but did not order T2 or T4 we added one alternative, which, in our opinion is nicer. Btw. T9, which is on the same map was adjusted and is just fine!

T3 and T7: Please note that the parking is payable up on Velika planina!
Some new temporary electric fences are in terrain, please take care not to damage them, as it may become a problem for the farmer!
In case you ordered just one session on Velika planina, we suggest you to use the day for some short hike to shepherds settlements.

T4: You will receive two maps for this one, one in 7500 and one in 10000.
Some new temporary electric fences are in terrain, please take care not to damage them, as it may become a problem for the farmer!

T10: On one side of the map you will have the original session with reduced map and on the other side the same course on normal map

T8: there is a nasty pretty deep rocky pit close to the start, it is marked on the map (small dangerous area circle), but hard to see in terrain. Normally you should not run very close to it.

We hope you will enjoy the Upper Savinja valley!

Website updated

We’re happy to inform you that the website is now updated with information for next year’s edition of Bubo camp.

Savinja river

Slight change T10

Please note that T10 will be set  28.7. (6:00) – 30.7. (12:00) and not from 27.07 as originally written in the Program. This is now changed in the Training sessions section.

Last info

The training section is updated with the last information; where to get the maps, training program and how to get to the trainings.