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Website updated

We’re happy to inform you that the website is now updated with information for next year’s edition of Bubo camp.

Savinja river

Slight change T10

Please note that T10 will be set  28.7. (6:00) – 30.7. (12:00) and not from 27.07 as originally written in the Program. This is now changed in the Training sessions section.

Last info

The training section is updated with the last information; where to get the maps, training program and how to get to the trainings.

Bank details added

You can now pay for the maps for Bubo camp. Please check your amount at OrienteerinOnline (Click on Bubo camp and then Club fees) and pay accordingly. Bank details are published on the Invitation page.

At the moment we have 27 entries, but hopefully we will get a few more until the entry deadline. Note that there will be no extra maps available on Cres, we will only print the pre-paid maps.

See you!

You can now order maps for Bubo camp!

All the sessions are planned and you can see their basic info in the Training sessions section.

Most of the courses are divided into A and B. Sometimes only one course is available (Loops, sprint..)

If we get entries for the C course (MW12 level) we will add those courses as well.

You can now order maps at OrienteeringOnline.

Bubo camp – something a bit different

Due to OOcup being held far up north it would be too much for our small team to organize another full event in July in Slovenia/Croatia. Instead of that we will for the first time organize a training camp named Bubo camp!

In the last days of July we will give you an opportunity to run some fun training sessions on Cres island. Familiar terrain of Tramuntana forest and Cres olive groves will be used together with a new map – Rosuja – also in Tramuntana forest. We will also try to use sprint map of Cres town. All in all we have enough mapped terrain to provide an exciting training week which you can combine with some bathing in crystal clear Adriatic sea.

If the concept proves interesting, Bubo cup might become permanently replaced by Bubo camp. We will see what future brings. For now you are most welcome to check our website and join the camp!

Beli beach – walking distance from the majority of training sessions


Big thanks to everyone who came to Bubo cup 2021. We hope you enjoyed the terrains of Pohorje plateau. Our small team certainly did enjoy serving you with some nice orienteering. Not so much dealing with the broken road :).

The next thing to do is OOcup, we will meet many of you there again.

The fate of Bubo cup is not clear at this moment. We will decide in autumn. Stay tuned for more information.


Latest info on road Rogla – Klopni vrh

We spoke with the company responsible for the road from Rogla to Klopni vrh and we were allowed to use the road on own responsibility. The road is OK to drive with 2 places where some extra care is needed. One organizer will be there at the barrier at Koča na Pesku (mountain hut on the way, 2km from Rogla) for more information.





If you still want to use detour (from Rogla: 66km, 1h35min): link.

Bubo cup is on

The first stage is finished. You can see the results at OrienteeringOnline.

We were informed that the road Lovrenc na Pohorju – Rogla is severely damaged and therefore closed. So, make sure to avoid it! See you tomorrow.